Fancy Yellow Diamonds & Rings with Rare Brilliance

Yellow diamonds

Yellow diamonds are the most popular of the fancy diamonds. These natural, untreated colored diamonds are extremely rare. A yellow diamond can be so light that it will be certified somewhere in the X to Y color range, making it more of a low-end white diamond than a fancy color.

A diamond in its purest state is composed of carbon atoms and is colorless. When certain atoms replace carbon atoms, they impart tints of color.

Canary diamonds are the result of nitrogen atoms being present when the diamond is formed. Their color results from exposure to radiation over thousands to millions of years in the earth’s interior and due to portions of white light striking the diamond being absorbed. The remaining portions of light that are not absorbed are transmitted to the eye and result in the yellow color that we see.

Yellow colored diamonds of a high intensity, such as vivid or deep yellow diamonds, are quite rare - the more even and saturated color of the diamond, the rarer and more valuable. The richer the yellow coloring and quality, the higher the value of the yellow diamond.

Because of their rarity, these diamonds are usually very expensive.

The ownership of yellow colored diamonds is a rare privilege and they are much appreciated and sought by collectors and specialist jewelers worldwide.

Fancy diamonds such as loose yellow diamonds are handled and graded differently than clear diamonds. One of the most famous diamonds, the Hope Diamond, is a yellow diamond.

Yellow diamonds come in five color ranges: light canary, canary, light marigold, marigold, and amber yellow, and also in a variety of types and grades.

These diamonds occur more frequently in nature than do pinks. They are white diamonds with such a high degree of yellow in them that the stone is declared a fancy colored stone.

Useful tip

Given the recent advancements in creating treated and synthetic diamonds and the sometimes deceptive practices of sellers, you may want to seek guidance from an impartial gemologist/appraiser. This can help you acquire a stunning diamond of high value at a fair price.

Remember that natural yellow diamonds are very expensive, and any yellow diamond labeled as natural should be accompanied by a certificate from a respected grading lab.

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