Yes, you can get quality certified diamonds online at considerably lower prices

Regardless of what the more skeptical shoppers may believe, it is indeed possible to get high quality certified diamonds at discounted rates when you shop online. Cost savings are not really possible when you buy from your local jeweler or a retail outlet. In fact, the most common scams in the retail industry occur at jewelry stores, not when you shop at a reputable online store.

Advantages #1: the cost factor

Whether you are looking for loose stones to later set into a piece of jewelry, or want to buy diamond jewelry, shopping online can give you a whole lot of advantages. Online jewelers travel to South America, Europe, Africa, and Russia to select quality rough diamonds, which they bring back to polishing facilities. After experts cut and polish the diamond to bring out its beauty and value, the diamond goes directly from the jeweler to you, which removes the cost of a middleman and operating costs and translates to high quality at a relatively low price!

Where to buy diamonds?

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Advantages #2, 3, and 4: convenience, choice, and accurate quote

Then, there is the convenience factor of researching and choosing the perfect stone right from your computer. How else can you visit over 50 stores within an hour if you wish, or browse leisurely at one store through the afternoon if you are so inclined? Where can you pick your diamond, check out a whole range of settings and styles, and know exactly what you’ll be buying and for precisely how much?

The internet gives you an amazing opportunity to purchase high quality certified diamonds at considerably lower prices. The links listed in this section will point you in the right direction. Remember, though, don’t buy the first diamond that catches your attention or that has an attractive price tag. Take the time to compare prices, and ALWAYS ask for a certificate from a reputed lab.

Useful tip

Before shopping for a diamond, take the time to select the online jeweler you plan to deal with in future. A reputable online seller will provide you with sound guidance at every step.

Your shopping experience will be all the more rewarding if you stick with one or two online jewelers. Based on your purchases, these online jewelers will understand your requirements, budget, and preferences, and will get you the best value for your money when you shop with them in future.

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