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Radiant cut diamond

The original Radiant cut was developed by Henry Grossbard in 1977. Prior to the development of the Radiant Cut, all diamonds with straight edges had long, rectangular facets.

Radiant cut diamonds are cut-cornered or rectangular, with truncated corners.

They combine the classic elegance of the traditional Emerald cut with the sparkle of the Round Brilliant cut.

The Radiant cut is especially popular for fancy colored diamonds, because the shape, proportioning, and facet arrangement intensify the color.

Fancy colored Radiant cut diamonds usually have lower length-to-width ratios and are closer to a square than a rectangular shape.

The Radiant cut is the first rectangular cut to have a complete brilliant facet pattern applied to both the crown and pavilion and, as such, presents a much more dazzling and brilliant diamond than the simple Emerald cut.

Some diamond shapes tend to have lighter areas than others, as the facet patterns do not show color evenly throughout the stone.

The Original Radiant cut makes an amazing center stone for 3-stone rings.

Squarer shaped Radiant cut diamonds are also a popular choice for diamond shoppers looking for a very bright and brilliant square cut diamond. Square Radiant cut diamonds are among the most finely-made Radiant cuts available in the marketplace.

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Radiant Cut Diamond Ring Setting

Ideal proportions

Table: 65-80% of the diamond; table diameter: 65-80%; length-to-width ratio: 1:1-1.4:1.

If you are unsure about the terms, check out diamond terminology.

Useful tips

  • The Radiant cut diamond is an extremely versatile cut diamond that can be set in many different ways. It is best set off as a centerpiece, with baguette or round side diamonds complementing its sparkle.
  • While modern Radiant cut diamonds are usually cut in a squarish shape, at about 1:1.05, there is ample scope for a more rectangular shape. For instance, a ratio of 1:1.1 or 1:1.2 is not uncommon and it is really up to you to choose the exact shape you prefer.
  • Due to its large facets, the Radiant cut is only suitable for a diamond that has a high color and clarity rating. Like other similar cuts, the Radiant cut diamond will show inclusions and imperfections very easily, so it is important to make sure the stone is of the right quality.

Radiant cut diamonds are ideal for engagement rings and wedding rings, as well as other high quality jewelry, but require a four-prong setting. Larger Radiant cut stones should be set with special prongs to hold the blocked corners securely.

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