Princess cut diamonds are an ideal choice. Here’s why...

Princess cut diamonds

Also known as ‘Modified Square Brilliants’, Princess cut diamonds are among the brightest, with the most attractive cut.

The Princess cut is relatively new and increasingly popular. Its growing popularity is due to its wonderful characteristics, combining both style and brilliance.The inverted-pyramid shape makes Princess cut diamonds more brilliant and sparkling than ordinary square diamonds.

Some people prefer Princess cut loose diamonds because they are rectangular and yet have the sparkle of Round Brilliant cut diamonds.

The Princess cut was created in the 1980s to reflect light brilliantly and is most often cut as a perfect-sided square with sharp corners. Compared to a Round Brilliant cut, the Princess cut can offer much more brilliance and fire at a more affordable price.

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Ideal proportions

Princess cut diamonds with the highest grading are known as ‘Ideal Princess cut’ diamonds. These diamonds demand a price premium over other Loose Princess cut diamonds for sale because they reflect light better and have extra luster and fire. Generally, Ideal Princess cut diamonds have the following proportions:

Table: 62%-68% of the diamond

Crown height: 10%-15%

Total depth: 64%-75%

Length-to-width ratio: 1:1 to 1.4:1.

If you are unsure about the terms, check out diamond terminology.

Useful tips

  • The Princess cut wastes very little of the rough diamond, so that the diamond retains more of its original carat weight. This also makes Princess cut diamonds less expensive than their traditional Round Brilliant cut counterparts.
  • Princess cut diamonds can be just as dazzling as proportioned Round cut diamonds, with luster and fiery sparkle, but at a lower cost.
  • With the incredible resurgence in the popularity of square-shaped diamonds, Princess cut diamonds are now available with tapered edges, to minimize light leakage from the corners.
  • As the cut is basically an upside-down pyramid with most of the carat weight in the pavilion, Princess cut diamonds tend to be one of the smallest of the shapes for the same carat weight.

Princess cut diamonds give you the perfect combination of the brilliance of a Round cut and an overall square or rectangular appearance.

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