Fancy Cut oval diamonds with brilliance & sparkle

Oval cut diamond

Oval cut diamonds, created by Lazar Kaplan in the early 1960s, are a narrower and longer variation of Round Brilliant cut diamonds. Modified Brilliant cuts, such as the Oval shape, closely approach the brilliance and sparkle of a perfect Round Brilliant, while costing about 10% to 20% less.

The Oval cut is considered a fancy cut, and is an excellent choice if you are looking for characteristics similar to the Round Brilliant ‘Ideal cut’, but would prefer a diamond that more uniquely fits your style and preferences.

An Oval cut diamond usually has 56 facets cut along an attractive elliptical shape. As a design motif, it has several advantages:

  • The elliptical shape of an Oval cut diamond looks better than a circular one as a center stone of a 3-stone diamond ring.
  • Oval shapes are ideal as shoulder stones for a major center stone, or in a cluster around a larger diamond.
  • The elongated shape of Oval diamonds gives a very flattering effect to your finger when worn in a ring, and is found in some of the most beautiful diamond engagement rings.
  • Oval shaped diamonds have also gained great popularity as side stones flanking Oval cut center diamonds.

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Oval Diamond Ring Setting

Ideal proportions

Table diameter: 52-64% of the diamond; total depth: 57-65%; length-to-width ratio: 1.5:1.

If you are unsure about the terms, check out diamond terminology.

Useful tips

  • The Oval cut is a brilliant, sparkly stone that fits in the Ideal cut and Fine cut configuration range. A pleasing outline and not too little or too much bulge define the ideal Oval diamond dimensions.
  • A high quality Oval cut diamond should have a length to width ratio of 1.5:1. If the Oval cut diamond’s ratio is greater than 1.5:1, an undesirable ‘bow tie’ effect – that is, a bow-tie shaped dark area on the diamond – may be visible.
  • An Oval cut diamond should have an elliptical shape when viewed from the top of the stone.
  • When choosing an Oval cut diamond, it is extremely important to note the overall clarity and color of the diamond. The clarity and color are much more important to the Oval cut diamond than to the Round Brilliant cut diamond because impurity and inclusions are more easily visible.

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