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Pear cut diamond

The Pear cut is a fancy cut that is a modification of the traditional and extremely popular Round Brilliant cut. As such, Pear cut diamonds are a combination of the Oval cut and the Marquise cut, resembling a glittering teardrop.

Pear cut diamonds have good proportions that refract light well and are best set off in a pendant or in a pair of diamond earrings. Pear shapes are also suitable as shoulder stones for a major center stone, or in a cluster around a larger diamond.

The best Modified Round Brilliant cuts, such as the Pear shape, can come close to the brilliance and sparkle of an ‘Ideal cut’, but they can easily lose brilliance if they are badly proportioned. The Pear cut allows a range of cutting styles, so that the teardrop shape can be wider, slimmer, or cut to Ideal proportions, based on your choice and preferences.

Good Pear shaped diamonds are highly valued because it is difficult to produce a diamond with perfectly cut facets and proportions for that special brilliance.

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Pear Shaped Diamond Ring Setting

Ideal proportions:

Table: 57-60% of the diamond; table diameter: 52-64%; length-to-width ratio: 1.45:1.75.

If you are unsure about the terms, check out diamond terminology.

Useful tips:

Pear cut diamond rings should be worn with the tip pointing toward the fingernail; this makes the finger look elongated and enhances the diamond’s elegance.

  • As with the Marquise cut, the Pear cut is prone to the undesirable ‘bow-tie effect’, where there is a bow-tie shaped dark area on the diamond, usually as the result of improperly cut angles.
  • A Pear cut diamond should be mounted in a special setting, with at least five prongs: two to hold the rounded end, two to hold the curved sides of the stone securely, and a V-shaped prong to protect the point at the tapered end.

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