Marquise Diamonds have the perfect balance of brilliance and fire...

Marquise Diamond

The Marquise cut is a variation of the Round Brilliant cut. Modified Brilliant cuts, such as the Marquise, optimally combine the brilliance and sparkle of a perfect Round Brilliant cut and an Oval cut.

The Marquise cut diamond is considered a fancy cut by most standards and buyers, and is characterized as a boat shaped stone with pointed ends. It is said to have been commissioned by Louis XIV to commemorate his beloved Marquise de Pompadour’s radiant smile.

The Marquise Brilliant takes its name from a legend that the Sun King desired a stone to be cut into the shape of the Marquise of Pompadour’s mouth.

The typical Marquise Brilliant contains 56 facets. These diamonds are essentially a Round Brilliant cut that has been stretched out into an oval with pointed ends.

The price per carat of a Marquise cut diamond is almost always less than the price for a Round Brilliant cut diamond of similar quality.

Another advantage is that loose Marquise diamonds look larger and have a polished facet, with no surface pits or polishing lines visible.

The Marquise is a slender, striking cut that is ideal for rings. The elongated shape flatters the finger and accentuates its own carat weight with its regal elongated shape and tapering points at both ends.

The Marquise cut diamond can look better than a Round one in items such as pendants and drop earrings. Marquise cut diamonds can also be used as shoulder stones for a major center stone, or in a cluster around a larger diamond.

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Marquise Diamond Ring Setting

Ideal proportions

Table: 57-60% of the diamond; crown height: 13-14.5%; total depth: 59-63%; length-to-width ratio: 1.75:2.25.

If you are unsure about the terms, check out diamond terminology.

Useful tips

  • When choosing a Marquise cut, it extremely important to note the overall clarity and color of the diamond. Due to the shape of the Marquise cut, the color and clarity of the diamond are usually more apparent.
  • The Marquise cut diamond tends to emphasize the carat weight of the diamond, making it appear much larger than it actually is.
  • Make sure the angles of the Marquise cut diamond have been properly cut to avoid a ‘bow tie effect’, which occurs as a bow-tie-shaped dark area on the diamond, usually as the result of improperly cut angles.

Like many of the fancy shaped diamonds with corners, Marquise cut diamonds with a borderline near colorless color grade may exhibit a slight yellow tint at the corners of the gem.

The pointed tips of the Marquise cut diamond are usually protected by decorative prongs. The tips are the most vulnerable parts and should be held securely, without the prongs overshadowing the diamond.

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