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Heart shaped diamond

Heart-shaped diamonds are one of the most attractive of the fancy cut diamonds. Fancy cuts, such as Heart-shaped diamonds, are not graded by the same grading system as the more traditional and popular Round Brilliant cut diamonds.

As with the other fancy cuts, Heart-shaped diamonds are modifications of the traditional Round Brilliant configuration. It is basically a pear shape with a notch cut into the rounded end, which forms the lobes of the heart.

Heart-shaped diamonds, as the name suggests, are high quality diamonds cut into the shape of the universal symbol of love, and are undoubtedly the most romantic. Not surprisingly, there is a noticeable increase in demand for Heart-shaped diamonds around Valentine's Day!

A heart-shaped diamond may be hard to find, but it is considered the most sentimental of all the diamond shapes and is growing in popularity for anniversary and engagement rings.

As with fancy shapes in general, cutting parameters are largely determined by the shape and nature of the rough diamond crystal. A Heart-shaped diamond usually contains 59 facets. Cutters are sometimes motivated to cut a heart shape when a large inclusion in a particular location must be removed. By orienting that inclusion to the heart's cleft, maximum weight retention can be achieved.

Most Heart-shaped Brilliants are purchased as single diamonds, most commonly for solitaire necklaces, in sizes of a half carat or above. Heart-shaped diamonds in solitaire rings are also popular, as are matched pairs for stud earrings and as side stones for diamond rings. A certified Heart-shaped diamond is the perfect gift, whatever the occasion.

Any of the Heart-shaped diamonds can be set in your choice of white gold, yellow gold, or platinum, according to preference.

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Heart Shaped Diamond Ring Setting

Ideal proportions

As with most fancy cuts, the length-to-width ratio of the Heart shape can vary. As a general guideline, ideal proportions are:

Table diameter: 52-64% of the diamond; total depth: 57-65%; length-to-width ratio: 0.98:1.02.

If you are unsure about the terms, check out diamond terminology.

Useful tips

  • When purchasing a Heart-shaped diamond, it is important to check the overall quality of the diamond, including its cut, color, and clarity.
  • It is important to find a Heart-shaped diamond with even lobes and a well-defined outline. The lobes should be well-rounded instead of tapering, and clearly defined.
  • Avoid choosing Heart cut diamonds that are too flat. A flat cut diamond dulls the brilliance of the stone, making it less desirable.
  • The complexity of the shape requires skilled cutting to ensure proper brilliance. Symmetry is a big consideration for this shape, as the shape needs to have a pleasing, obvious heart silhouette apparent in the setting.
  • Heart-shaped diamonds should be mounted in special settings, with five prongs: two at the lobes of the heart, two at the sides of the heart, and a V-shaped prong to protect the point of the heart, which is the most vulnerable part.

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