How to Care for Your Diamond...

Your diamond jewelry is a highly attractive and valuable accessory, which many feel is also an investment. You may value your diamonds for their inimitable sparkle and brilliance, or for the overall sense of elegance you experience when wearing this precious gemstone. Having acquired a diamond, you will undoubtedly want to know how to keep it looking clean and new.

Caring for a diamond takes more than occasional cleanings. Diamonds are forever, but they can be damaged or lost if you are not careful. For starters, you should take your diamond jewelry to a jeweler once a year to have the mountings and prongs that hold your diamond in place checked. It is well worth the effort to make any needed repairs. This will prevent your diamond from falling out of its setting and being lost.

By learning how to care for your diamond properly, you will ensure that your diamond is indeed forever.

Following these cleaning tips, storage tips, and wearing tips will keep your diamond jewelry in gleaming condition and ready to sparkle on that special occasion.

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