Diamond brands and what they mean...

Brands are part of the aggressive drive diamond companies use to market their product. However, one fact remains: diamonds are one of the few products that simply cannot be ‘branded’.

Even though there is a whole range of cuts, different grades, and different values placed on each and every diamond in existence, no diamond carries any specific brand – just as gold cannot carry a specific brand.

Branding is actually based on which company owns the diamond at the point of sale. For instance, if DeBeers owns the diamond, it is a DeBeers diamond – but it is still just a diamond. The company has not patented any process or laid claim to any technology to make its diamonds any different from other diamonds.

If the diamond was cut by a specific well-known cutter, then it might be branded in that way. The Asscher and Tolkowsky cuts, for instance, are named after their creators, but they aren’t brands. Yet, diamonds continue to be branded based on who owns them when they are offered for sale. So basically, when it comes down to it, diamond brands mean absolutely nothing. Except, of course, they may carry a heftier price tag.

Useful tip

Don’t allow a jeweler to try to talk you into paying an exorbitant price for a diamond because it is a specific brand. That is no assurance of superior cut, color, or clarity, nor does a brand give a diamond any additional value. Pushing branded diamonds is a bit of trickery used by unscrupulous jewelers when they know that they are dealing with people who don’t know much about diamonds.

Remember that diamonds are beyond branding – unless Mother Nature has her own brand!

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