The Dimond Review

Based in New York State, The Diamond offers a vast collection of over 20,000 GIA certified diamonds. In business since 2000, The Dimond has been highly recommended by Maxim magazine. If, apart from high-grade white diamonds, you are looking for fancy colored diamonds, particularly rare and valuable yellow diamonds and canary diamonds, The Diamond is your one-stop shop.

As The Diamond offers only high quality certified diamond jewelry created by the most reputable craftsmen and manufacturers with over 30 years’ experience, you can be sure you’ll get quality certified white and fancy colored dimonds at competitive prices.

If you are familiar with the diamond basics, you can search for diamonds based on the shape you are looking for and the Four Cs.

You can select a diamond for an engagement or anniversary ring, and then choose from a selection of setting styles in gold or platinum. The wide selection includes ‘sets’ of diamonds in complimentary settings. You can also design your own diamond ring or diamond studs.

The Diamond’s fancy yellow diamond and canary diamond bands are as elegant and unusual as they are rare and valuable. The diamond band collection ranges from pale yellow, the least expensive of the fancy yellow stones, to vivid (canary) yellow diamonds, which are the most valuable. There is a quick and easy-to-use color guide that helps you pick just the color and quality of yellow dimonds that suit your taste and your budget.

In addition to rings, The Diamond offers a range of high-grade certified diamond jewelry suitable for any occasion.

The Diamond offers free shipping and overnight delivery within the USA. Customers from the state of New York get an added bonus: they don’t have to pay sales tax. The Diamond also offers free appraisal, and free laser inscription, a process of inscribing the certificate number (or even a personal message) on the girdle of the diamond.

A much-commended feature of shopping at The Diamond is their excellent customer support, which is just a phone call away. Their expert consultants guide you before, during, and after you make a purchase, to guarantee complete customer satisfaction. They strictly abide by their 15-30 day refund policy. If, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can ask for and get a 100% refund, with no questions asked.

We highly recommend The Dimond for the quality of their diamond merchandise with excellent craftsmanship, their unique collection of fancy colored, yellow, and canary diamonds at great prices, their professional integrity, and their prompt and responsive support service.

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